Discover the ultimate web maintenance plan: comprehensive, personalised and without commitment

Any website can be difficult to manage, especially when a company has just started. You want your website to appear on Google and, at the same time, work on other channels simultaneously. Carrying out website maintenance can be exhausting and take valuable time from your real work, running your business!

The best way to manage all your website requirements is by using my Web Maintenance Plan, to keep your online appearance without any worries just by paying a comfortable monthly retainer.

4 reasons why my web maintenance plan is the best option for your website:

  • Easy sign-in process: just send me your website details, and we can start drafting your very-own web maintenance plan.
  • Account management: Any query, new incident, doubts or concerns will be treated with the closest of attentions and within a maximum period of 24 hours from the time it's raised.
  • No commitment: leave that for the utility providers. You are free to cancel the service just by giving 1 month's notice.
  • Privacy guaranteed: all your personal data will be stored in a secured database and will never be shared with third parties, as per my Privacy Policy. 

What's included in the web maintenance plan?


Any error, incident or problem that arises on the web will be solved ASAP

Website amendments

If any improvement or modification is required, simply email me with your requested changes and they will be applied to the web

SEO improvements

During the web maintenance process, any opportunity to improve your organic traffic will be considered

Ready to start?

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