Well done! You've found my website on Google 😉 That means I know something about SEO.

If you need to show on Google, you are in the right place. As an SEO consultant my speciality is optimising websites both internally and externally to put them in the top 10 of Google Search Results.


I'm an SEO specialist with 5 years of international experience managing successful SEO and PPC campaigns for companies based in the UK and also in Spain. I've worked with a broad range of businesses, from local stores to big agencies, delivering outstanding search and paid campaigns. I'm currently living based in York so, if you're looking fo local SEO services in York, I can help you to increase your visibility.

If your business needs help with search engine optimisation or digital campaign management, don't hesitate to contact me, and we will get your website up and running.


Google Ads Search Certification (Search, Display and Shopping)

Google Academy for Ads

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Google Academy for Ads

Growth Hacking Master

Growth Hackers University

Marketing and Sales 

Universidad de Oviedo

Web Optimisation Certification

IEB School

Technical SEO Certification

SEMrush Academy


Full website coverage through convenient monthly payments

Any website can be difficult to manage, especially when a company has just started. You want your website to appear on Google and, at the same time, work on other channels simultaneously. Carrying out website maintenance can be exhausting and take valuable time from your real work, running your business! 

The best way to manage all your website requirements is by using my Web Maintenance Plan, to keep your online appearance without any worries just by paying a comfortable monthly retainer.


Have you decided to sell products online but do not have the resources or time to carry out the logistical work that this implies, then Amazon may be the solution to your problem. Using the Amazon affiliate system you can act as an intermediary selling products on your website and get a percentage of up to 12% per sale without having to worry about logistics or payment methods.

Does this sound like a valuable choice for you? Send me a contact form marking the "Affiliate Marketing" option and I will help you create your online store, design a brand-new affiliate website or simply help you in the process so that you only have to worry about taking your well-deserved commissions.

Are you ready to improve your business? Fill the contact form and I will get in touch shortly.